August 7, 2007

Spirtual Intervention Needed

Nick Narron is the Jewish Hospital in Louisville Kentucky where he has been fighting dual infections of MRSA and Acinetobacter Baumannii. These are both hospital aquired infections.
He has had ups and downs and is currently fighting for his life.
Please send your prayers, thoughts, energies , everything you've got his way.

Welcome to the Iraq Infections

In the lead up to the Iraq War the US Government took plenty of time to propagate the lies it needed to justify the war and to award no bid contracts but the potential needs of the troops was never adequately addressed. When these inadequacies became apparent the Government put more effort into covering them up than they did into providing our troops with what they needed to fight this war or to survive this war.
Inadequately preparing for the casualties of this war has enabled the bacteria Acinetobacter Baumannii and others to become extremely to completely drug resistant and has spread these bugs throughout the military health sytem, the VA health system, and on to civilian hospitals all across our country. The UK, Australia, and the other Coalition Countries are suffering from the same. The third world wounded contractors are carrying these bacteria with them to their home countries.
The CDC warned the DoD about Leishmaniasis in December of 2002. Due to the time of year we were invading, sandfly's, and thus leishmaniasis was to be much more prevelant than in the first gulf war. Despite this troops were sent into war without proper precautions in place to prevent sandfly bites. Civilian contractors were not warned at all until many of them became infected. Many contractors are still not warned even today. Many are just now figuring out that they have it after being home for months and/or years.
This blog is here to share information about these infectious diseases and hospital aquired infections in general. Please feel free to post your questions under this entry. I will start a new entry for each category of questions. Email me if you would like to post an entry.
My website, The Iraq Infections is a good starting point for information about Acinetobacter Baumannii and Leishmaniasis from Iraq and Afghanistan.